Publishing activity of The Kopaonik School of Natural Law has been extended as of December 2019, by new journal of legal theory and practice “Review of Kopaonik School of Natural Law”. The Review publishes academic articles, comparative studies, analyses of court decisions and arbitral awards, comments on national legislation, international conventions, and other uniform legal instruments, as well as book reviews and other scholarly contributions by eminent authors from Europe and across the world.

Managing partner of NKP Law office, Dr. Jovan Nikcevic was one of the authors for the first issue of the Review, with its article “Distinction between sale and service contracts”. The article distinguishes specific types of contracts that combine obligation to perform a particular work resulting in creation of a certain object (work of art, tools, devices, machines, facilities, plant, etc.) so the question arises whether such contract is the service contract since obligation „to do“ represents preponderant element of the contract or the sales contract considering the transfer of ownership as the final outcome. The Law on Contracts and Torts and UN Convention on International Sale of Goods provide provisions for distinguishing these contracts, while Law on Property Rights regulates who is the owner of the newly created object. The purpose of this paper is to show interplay between criterias provided in these laws.