The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia has recently adopted The Law on Amendments to the Law on Contracts and Torts (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 18/2020).

These amendments relate to the (i) form of the consent for conclusion of the contracts for which contracts the law prescribes the form of the publicly certified (solemnized) document or notary record and to the (ii) form of the power of attorney for conclusion of these contracts.

As of the day of amendments entering into force the said consent and power of attorney need to be certified (notarized) in the form of certification of signatures instead of previously prescribed certification of these documents by notary public in the same form as the contracts they relate to.

The last amendment regulates the nullity of the sales and purchase contract of Immovable property in the case it does not fulfil the form prescribed by law governing sales and purchase of Immovable property i.e. the form of the document certified (solemnized) by the notary public.