Complexity of construction ventures, high costs for its completion and possible damages associated with loss of contracts and production expected from the facilities to be constructed, result in constant improvement of dispute resolution methods that are expected to secure finalization of project in parallel with resolution of open and ongoing issues between the Parties.

Being one of the most popular methods for pre-arbitration dispute resolution in construction sector, DAB became part of each complex project whether it is established as ad-hoc or standing authority that determines open issues, claims and disputes between the parties during the project’s execution.

Prescribed procedures for efficient assessment and determination of the claims and issues aroused out of the project require a quick-thinking team and well managed activities for sublimation of relevant facts and documents.

NKP lawyers participated in DAB proceedings conducted during construction of multifunctional objects in Jordan, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, either as a part of the Engineer’s or the Contractor’s team.


Arbitration and Litigation

NKP law office has a strong experience in resolving of multiplex construction and commercial disputes, offering particular expertise in:

  • assessment of dispute,
  • negotiation for amicable settlement,
  • mediation,
  • DAB,
  • litigations and
  • arbitration proceedings administered by Rules of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, London Court of International Arbitration and Rules of the Permanent Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

Our experts Jovan Nikčević, PhD and Zoran Jovanović, LLM have acted as chairpersons, sole arbitrators and party appointed arbitrators of arbitral tribunals in various international disputes.

We are also specialized in all sorts of commercial litigations before domestic commercial courts especially in real estate, construction and corporate disputes.